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Welcome and general information

Dear participant, thanks for coming to our evolving wiki. You are encouraged to add to existing content and to create new content here or links to your work.

Look up to the top right hand corner where you will see your computers IP address. Click LOG IN. You may now log on with your ECU username and password. Once you have logged in, you will see your name displayed in the upper right corner in Red.
1. Click on that link and a dialogue box will open asking if you want to create a page:
"There were no results matching the query".

2. Create your profile page "Yourname" on this wiki!
This page is different from your main page or subject page. This is a user profile only. You can tell us a bit about yourself including interests. here is an example: User:Bowiefb You can copy this page title adding the following brackets [[ ]] (eg. User:yourname) and add it to any page where you want to share your profile (Faculty can post it on the Faculty page, Students on their own studio pages (links below), Graduates and Alumni on their respective pages)

4. YOUR OTHER PAGE (course work/studio page): Click on your name in the list on the main page. This will take you to your STUDIO page that will contain all of your posted content/research, links to articles, links to videos of your work etc. Once you are logged in (above), you will notice that an "edit option" appears on the right side above the header on your page (just next to the search feature. You can click this in order to add content to your page. play with the links at the top of the page in "edit mode". They are very much like any text editing program such as Word etc. You can also upload documents or images by clicking on "Upload File" in the left side column. There are further instructions on how to use the Wiki on the Main Page. Have fun, don't worry if you make an error or lose any material you previously posted, you can restore at any time by clicking on 'View history' and copying an earlier version of your page.
5. ALUMNI AND STUDENT WORK PAGE: you are encouraged to add your name here - either to one or more external webpage(s), blog, video channel, sound cloud, or what have you. This will make it easier for others to find your content and also for your work to live on well after you graduate.
6. If you have a particular interest (subject or topic), please feel free to add a page under the SUBJECTS/ TOPIC Pages section. Please list this internal or external link ALPHABETICALLY here:SUBJECTS/ TOPIC Pages Listings

General ECUAD Student Conduct Policies Students must maintain an appropriate standard of conduct. They must demonstrate respect for all persons on the campus, and display mature conduct. All students must abide by the university’s Student Conduct Policies and the university’s Harassment Policies (see Emily’s A to Z). Failure by students to maintain appropriate standards of conduct may result in the initiation of disciplinary action by the university: the student may be excused from class or the wiki. Students whose behaviour is disruptive, challenging or intimidating will be addressed and may be excused from class or the wiki. If the behaviour continues, disciplinary measures (see Emily’s A to Z) will be employed.

Very general wiki info:
here is a very short video introducing the basics of adding content to your wiki page. Remember this is a Wikipedia tutorial, so remember to contribute, if you so choose, add your actual content here on our own wiki. ;) ....[1]


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