DSMA-301 Directed Studies-Media Arts Spring 2013

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This is a 3 credit directed studies Media Arts course for the Spring 2013 term.

All assignments/weekly logs of research/progress must be posted by Saturday of each week 4pm. (eg. week one Jan 7= Saturday the12th. - or student will be marked absent -5%). [1]

This interdisciplinary self directed course encourages the development of specific student-centered research and production. Students may develop, in consultation with the instructor, a terms schedule of work to support their praxis and artistic development. This course can be taken for 3 or 6 credits. Permission to register by consultation with particular instructor only.

Directed studies Mark DePaul | w. Fiona Bowie Spring 2013


Mark DePaul

Evaluation criteria definitions A high level of self-directed activity is expected, along with online participation in one on one tutorials (via Skype), critiques and posting of research. Students will report on the relation of their research to their studio production, thus becoming competent practitioners. 5% of final grade will be deducted for each week not submitted to. 2.5% will be deducted for late assignments.

Attendance Policy - You are required to attend each week online. Absence and lateness will affect your grade for the course. Therefore, you should be aware of the following criteria: -You will receive a 5% penalty for each absence and a 2.5% penalty for each time that you are late for class. -To formally excuse an absence due to illness or emergency, students must contact their instructor and/or Student Services before the start of class. You may be required to give proof of a legitimate excuse, such as a doctor’s note. -It is also your responsibility to determine what you missed and what you must do to complete any assigned work.

Participation Thoughtful and serious engagement and critical thinking are crucial. You are expected to be present and engaged each week, and well prepared for every online meeting/tutorial and critique.