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Welcome to FVIM 400 Fall 2012 and your graduating year.


Production calendar link


in the spring deliver one full rez 422 file and one H264 screening file. Do a mix in room 250.

CASTING WORKBOOK Handout VancouverDirectors


Content and contact info deleted on request

Other links, outlines, protocols, interview tips

File:FVIM 400 Fall 2012.pdf
File:Senior Studio Media Production.pdf
File:Ethics Protocol.pdf Included in this consideration for non-documentary based, non- subject research based works: Social Ethics of subjects represented.
File:Interviewing tips.pdf

Course Description

Website catalogue description | This senior studio course acts as a forum for the critical and artistic development of Film, Video + Integrated Media students’ grad projects, which reflect a culmination of what students have learned in their years of study in media. A high level of self-directed activity is expected, along with participation in peer group and class discussion, presentations and critiques. Students will develop their grad project through proposal, pre-production and production phases with the medium, form and content of their choosing.

FVIM 400 f'12 - Seminar Groups


Cindy Auyeung * FVIM400 -- Jordon Dowler-Coltman * FVIM400 -- Da Eun Leong * FVIM400 -- David Shushan * FVIM400-- Vera Finina * FVIM400--


Maksim Bentsianov * FVIM400-- Phoebe Johnson * FVIM400-- Gabriel Smetzer * FVIM400-- Yu Ying * FVIM400-- Stephanie Janyk * FVIM400--

' C

Eugene Chong * FVIM400-- Mark McDonald * FVIM400-- Lei Zhang * FVIM400-- Amber Davy * FVIM400--


Mark Anthony DePaul * FVIM400-- Maya Gulin * FVIM400-- Lesley Perrie * FVIM400-- Murat Tursan * FVIM400-- Goldie Wong (Prague) * FVIM400--


John Deveaux * FVIM400-- Niv Ende * FVIM400-- Claire Robinson * FVIM400-- Anaisa Visser * FVIM400-- Ying Fei (Celine) Sun (Prague) * FVIM400--


week 2 Sept 12 3:30 - Group A SEMINAR I with DB+FB

week 3 Sept 19 3:30 - Group B SEMINAR 1 with DB+FB

week 4 Sept 26 3:30 - Group C SEMINAR I with DB+FB

week 5 Oct 3 1:00- Group D SEMINAR I with DB+FB
3:30 - Group E SEMINAR I with DB+FB

week 6 Oct 10 3:30 - Group A SEMINAR II with DB + FB

week 7 Oct 17 1:00 - Group B SEMINAR II with DB+FB
3:30 - Group C SEMINAR II with DB+FB

week 8 Oct 24 1:00 – Group D SEMINAR II with DB+FB
3:30 - Group E SEMINAR II with DB+FB

week 10 Nov 7 3:30 - Group A SEMINAR III with DB+FB

week 11 Nov 14 1:00 – Group B SEMINAR III with DB+FB
3:30 - Group C SEMINAR III with DB+FB

week 12 Nov 21 3:30 - Group D SEMINAR III with DB+FB

week 13 Nov 28 3:30 - Group E SEMINAR III with DB+FB

Production checklist

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO UPLOAD FILES: the easiest way is to save your document as a .pdf then use the 'Upload Link' over there in the left hand sidebar under the heading Toolbox. Once you have uploaded, a page will automatically open showing the file. Simply copy the title of the page (it will say something like: File:scriptV1Murat - or however you titled it...). Once you have copied the title, come back to your page, press edit and paste it in

File:scriptV1Murat then put these brackets around it: [[ ]] and it will show up as a link. like this one

File:FILM STUDENT ACCESS REQUEST.pdf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

• Treatment | Project Summary (for installation) add a category

• Script (latest version)

• Scheduling (timeline, needs to be specific) start and end times for each stage

• Crew list with positions (and subs)

• Equipment (rentals)

• Catering • Shoot schedule w/locations, track confirmations

• Insurance

• Budget

• Directors script breakdown and shot list

• Schematic | Plans | Material samples | Maquette (for installation)

• Character Analysis and background

• Casting information (who, when, where)

• Location information (permissions)

• Visual reference/style

• Storyboards

• Pre-production + shotlist

• Production Design

• Editing Notes

• Coverage, cutaways

• Sound notes, design, location concerns

• Production reports

• Releases

• Camera reports

• Production stills