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Re: 6 minute presentations internships March 2nd

Hi Everyone, it's been great keeping up with your internships both in person and on the wiki. I wanted to remind you that after reading break we will have two weeks of presentations so that everyone can see the progress of your internships. Please have your wiki updated if need be. You may use the wiki for your presentation. (You may want to bring in samples, have links ready and be ready to talk about your experience. THESE WILL BE 6 MINUTE petch cutcha style presentations. You can keep these simple, you do not have to use 20 images! For more info on Petcha Cutchas and to see an engaging example see: fyi, Jeff Hamada is a FVIM Alumni!). ps. he went on for over 7 minutes, but it will give you an idea. There are many others you can see, but this one is fun. here is the schedule, all must attend in person: we will begin this class at 1pm. in room 250.

Jake Sherman Darren Devlin Murat Tursan Bernie Yao Silver Kalinska-Rozewska Taeyoung Kim Levi Loree Soledad Munoz

break Cindy Auyeung Phoebe Chard Eugene Chong Michelle Doyle Ying Fei Sun Warren Daske Amber Davy Stephanie Janyk

some of you may be just starting your internships and therefore may want to talk a bit about what you will be doing in the coming weeks. Some of you have finished your internships and so can report on part of it for these presentations and then wrap up the report for your final presentation at the end of term. Look forward to hearing about your internships have a great reading break! Fiona


Cindy Auyeung, internship ** Phoebe Chard, internship ** Eugene Chong, internship ** Michelle Doyle, internship ** Warren Daske, internship ** Amber Davy, internship ** Darren Devlin, internship ** Stephanie Janyk, internship ** Silver Kalinska-Rozewska, internship ** Taeyoung Kim, internship ** Levi Loree, internship ** Soledad Munoz, internship Jake Sherman, internship ** Ying Fei Sun, internship ** Murat Tursan, internship ** Bernie Yao, internship

member at large

== Website catalogue description | ==

FVIM Practices Internship aims to give the student a professional experience in development, production, post-production, distribution or exhibition. Students will be mentored and supervised where they are working but will mainly be self-directed. Students will choose from the placements offered or set up their own internship, subject to the approval of the supervising instructor.

== Course Content (for this specific offering of the course) ==

Students will select an internship from choices provided by the professor or create one on their own. Each student will prepare a cover letter and curriculum vitae as an application for the internship. Mid term and final reports will be presented to the class and a summary of work experience and learning will be handed in to the professor. Approximately 120 hours will be spent on the internship over the semester.

== Experimental Practices Online Community Philosophy
 == This new wiki is the beginning of an ongoing community of individuals interested in Experimental Practice. You are encouraged as students to remain part of the community after your course and come back to see what new work is being undertaken here. Faculty are encouraged to start new pages if so inclined. You are welcome to continue to contribute feedback if you are motivated by research or work you find here. You are all encouraged to be an ongoing part of this community by also preserving your page (thereby your research, work and links): future students will benefit from your contributions to this online library of experimental practice. Hopefully with ongoing contributions across terms and years, this wiki will become a valuable research tool for current and past students alike. In successive terms/years, individuals visiting particular pages will be able to also see links to pages of that individuals cohort by visiting the class student links bottom of the page. Happy digging.