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FALL 2011

FVIM 331: Experimental Practices Online

2011 fall

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withdrawn student links: *Nicholas Kalish* *Jordan Dowler-Coltman*

As this is a pilot, here is a link to the FVIM 331 Experimental Practices GLITCH PAGE in case you encounter issues. Please help us improve the wiki by contributing your observations or ideas.

== Midterm week instructions reminder ==

Hello everyone, as per our course outline, I wanted to remind you that your updates this week should include a few extra points considering this midway point in our course. Please do the following in this weeks post: 1. Project update, as per usual. Most of you are well into your studio process and producing some interesting outcomes. Please give us a brief update, preferably with links to work, video, images, or research references. 2. Take stock. At this midway point it is interesting to look back to the premise that you started with and reflect on how the process has actually unfolded thus far. a)'Has the work unfolded (if you had preconceived notions) as you had imagined it might? b)Has your research taken you to new theoretical frameworks, or ideas you did not expect to encounter? c)Has the feedback from your peers on your work opened up possibilities that you had not anticipated? 3. Respond to your peers (in the order that we established at the beginning of term(- 1. one students practice that particularly engages you or has thematic relationships to your own, and 2. The person on the roster that is alphabetically before your name.)

look forward to seeing your responses, the skype meetings were enjoyable and we will do them again next week on Thursday and Friday afternoon (schedule will be posted here for you to fill in).


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Go ahead and create your user profile. You can tell us a bit about yourself including interests. If you are one of the piloting students in this course please add Fall 2011 to this. Your profile page will be thus named User:(yourname). here is an example: User:Bowiefb You can copy this page title adding the following brackets [[ ]] (eg. User:yourname) and add it to any page where you want to share your profile (Faculty can post it on the Faculty page, Students on their own pages, Graduates and Alumni on their respective pages)


FVIM 331: Experimental Practices Online

This senior studio course acts as a habitat and forum for a critical and artistic development of praxis. This course is intended to prepare you for and hone your self-initiated and directed creative explorations. Within the context of experimentation, these explorations will be realized and developed beyond your current repertoire. This course will give you the opportuntiy to conduct and present research that supports your studio work and help you articulate the unfamiliar.

Experimental Practices offers a supportive structure wherein students challenge their own methodologies and process. Students will take on projects that will expand their understanding of their own artistic choices, conceptual proclivities, skill set and professional relationships. Students are encouraged to experiment by exploring outside their current mediums and skillsets thereby challenging creative habits. This expansion of repertoire is intended to enhance current studio and professional practice. A high level of self-directed activity is expected, along with online participation in presentations, critiques and feedback on the work and research of your peers. Students will report on the relation of their research to their studio production.

Experimental Practices Online Community Philosophy
This new wiki is the beginning of an ongoing community of individuals interested in Experimental Practice. You are encouraged as students to remain part of the community after your course and come back to see what new work is being undertaken here. Faculty are encouraged to start new pages if so inclined. You are welcome to continue to contribute feedback if you are motivated by research or work you find here. You are all encouraged to be an ongoing part of this community by also preserving your page (thereby your research, work and links): future students will benefit from your contributions to this online library of experimental practice. Hopefully with ongoing contributions across terms and years, this wiki will become a valuable research tool for current and past students alike. In successive terms/years, individuals visiting particular pages will be able to also see links to pages of that individuals cohort by visiting the class student links bottom of the page. Happy digging.

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here is a list of participants and their individual studio/labs for FVIM 331 Experimental Practices Fall 2011:

2011 fall

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ECU- FVIM 331 Experimental Practices Online
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