Embedding images

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First, have the image you want handy. (know how to navigate to it). I am going to choose this one (two little pups) Chinese Crested Dog.jpg

then go to the Upload file link just to the left (in the left side bar under heading Toolbox) to upload your file: add a description and then hit upload (you can also check "watch this file" if you like)


after the file has uploaded, it will automatically take you to it's media page.

see: [1]

All you have to do now is copy the name of the file, in this case, Chinese_Crested_Dog.jpg, and go back to your page where you would like to embed it. (I have used my user page as an example)

now you can use the little picture window icon (for Embed file), click on it, and paste the name of your image file into the link. Uploadfile2.png

voila! - here is the embedded image now showing up on my page User:Bowiefb