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1. What's your individual perspective on experimentation? (eg. working against being deliberate? working toward spontaneity/improvisation or working outside or your area of expertise/ comfort?) 

- I believe in calculated experimentation. Through controlled “mistakes” we will be able to derive educating results and therefore progress in a systematic order. This structured approach is applicable to individuals knowing what they want to specifically achieve. However, I am not stubborn to this practice and I leave myself open to pure open experimentation at times when I want to know my options. One method is not superior to another, the applicability is only limited to the context.

2. Experimental practice (is this term an oxymoron?)

- Perhaps. Just as I had mentioned before, it really depends on the context in which you apply your methods. There is no “right” way of approaching a situation. Here’s another point to ponder over. We need to practice experimentation, but it is only through experimentation are we able to excel in our practice(s).

3. What is the significance of experimental work at this particular point in time (considering our global general social/ political/ environmental milieu: social interactions, art practices, art business, politics, social movements, social networking etc.)

- It is important to embrace the notion of experimentation at this point of time because there is only so much one can go in one direction before hitting a brick wall. Or when things begin to start “maxing” out and progress gets increasingly slower. There is a marketing term for this that involves curves and I believe that at a certain point, the upward graph actually peaks and begins a declining cycle. This goes for anything human, politics, laws of governing, social media, social networking. Everything comes and goes at one point of time. It is rare that something or someone gets it right the first time and stays that way till now. There are examples, however, Leo Fender is one of them. The longer it stands the test of time, the closer it is to its decline.

4. *in progress*

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Art of Sound (title in progress)

The project is not called THE Art of Sound but rather my approach and how influences has affected the sounds I create. From the way I project myself vocally or through my musical practises, this short film will document my exploration and influences in my life with sound and the auditory experience.

This documentary is going to be an on-going project in which the final product will be my grad film. My grad film will be a documentary about myself, but not in a self-glorifying way, rather through me introducing the aspects of sound to the viewer in a structured and educational way. The main medium that I will be using to explain things is through music.

The reason why I chose music is because it is a universal language that is not bound down by language barriers. What I mean is that there is no need for lyrics to know the emotional and conceptual intents of a musical piece. What is also interesting is that because music is so much bigger than what we often perceive it to be, each of us (based on our past experiences) will derive different stand points of understanding from a single common piece.

The end result is that through myself introducing the wonderful aspect of sound, they will also really get to know about who I am (as a person) by the end of the documentary. This is achieved through showing clips and samples of my personal explanations and introductions to the countless aspect on the subject of sound.

Here's a small handful of questions that the documentary will address (this list is constantly on-going and may result in me having to trim and narrow it down):

- What are the scientific aspects of sound? - How does sound define us as a collective of unique populations? - Is there such a thing as, just as we have individual personalities, a sound unique in all of us (especially in a musical context)? - What are (musically) the different tonal aspects of sound? - What are various appropriate/inappropriate contexts in which sound can be applied to? - How can we use sound to enhance or enforce pieces of work? - What are the destructive constructive properties of sound? - Is the sound experience limited by the ability of one's auditory threshold? - What is sonic education? - How can sound (just as sight, smell, taste, and touch) trigger memories? - Is is possible to "feel" sound physically and not just emotionally? - What factors affect how one perceives another's tonal aspects?

The intended audience is for literally everyone, including those who have no prior background knowledge in the auditory field. I am sure that they will have a much better understanding about the general physics of sound by the time they've watched the whole documentary. One aspect of this documentary will also introduce the basics of what sound is, but not going into too much scientific detail.

The style and technique will be documentary and interview format with short snippets of demonstrations or video clips for direct exemplary reference.

As for the budget constraints, I have materials and tools that are ready, leaving the cost of production which would hopefully amount to less than $500.

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Hi everyone!! So it's been awhile since I've updated my Wiki. I've started a Youtube channel for my studio to update ya'll from now on.....swag.

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Hey everybody!! So as you've all probably noticed my erratic appearances on Wiki as I also have other classes that demand blogger style updates of my progress in my other subjects. But just to update you all that I've been shooting a music video for the past week to practise my video skills and it can FINALLY be found in the link attached!!

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Greetings beautiful people!! Another week has passed and I've been shooting another music video. I'm REALLY tired but glad that it's turned out so well. Please see the attached link!! Cheers ya'll, peace.

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Hello everyone, so here's my first VLOG.

Here's a summary of stuff which I cover in it:

1. Hello world!! 2. Youtube accounts 3. Music Videos. 4. Documentary. 5. Presentation.


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Hey everyone!! So here's VLOG #2....I know it's been awhile but I've got tons going on as I'm sure many of you are as well!! Also I'm a really slow learner!!

Anyway here the link to the video:


- Sound space - Mix density - Audio illusions - Sound sample

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Here's photos and descriptions under the photos of my final presentation.

My final project for this class was to device a system for newer composers to follow when using Logic software.

If they deploy these techniques, it's rather impossible to have a horrible sounding mix.

Enjoy and happy recordings everyone.

Oh're welcome.

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YU YING How you going to do it for the first time are you going to create sound, video or taling picture? @ I'm going to shoot a couple of b-roll footage and music videos and interlace sound and see how it turns out.