FVIM-300-F001-2013: FVIM Internship

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About FVIM-300-F001-2013

FVIM Internship aims to give the student a professional experience in Media development, production, post-production, distribution, exhibition or administration. Students will be mentored and supervised where they are working but will mainly be self-directed. Students will choose from the placements offered or set up their own internship, subject to the approval of the supervising instructor.

Participation: There will be at least 4 class sessions during the semester at the beginning, middle and end of the semester.

Internship Projects: Students will select an internship from the choices provided or, if approved by the professor, set one up on their own. The supervisor of the internship will define the needed skills and outline the duties for the internship. The supervisor may choose to interview the student prior to accepting them for the internship. The supervisor will provide the professor with a mid-term and final report. The student will provide the supervisor with the completed work in the format or manner agreed upon. The supervisor will comment on the student’s knowledge of the job, quality of work, quantity of work, attendance and punctuality, attitude, judgment, reliability, flexibility and adaptability, professional growth as well as suitability of prior experience to the position.

Professionalism: Students will prepare a cover letter introducing themselves to the supervisor and outlining their interest in the internship and their capabilities. They will also write a curriculum vitae geared for the position that states their education, work experience, interests and skills. These documents will be vetted by the professor prior to being sent to the supervisor. Students will complete an online safety course and if available an in-class set safety course in order to raise awareness about safety issues in the workplace. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while working on the internship. This means being punctual, respecting the schedule set by the supervisor, communicating effectively and working well with the supervisor and others involved in the work, and keeping the supervisor informed of the progress of the work as well as any issues that may arise.

Wiki: (wiki.ecuad.ca) Students will keep a journal on the course wiki, with a minimum of 8 entries chronicling their experience for the others to follow. As well as these 6 journal entries students will post an overview of the internship company or client, a copy of their cover letter and CV, as well as presentation summary PRIOR to the in-class presentations on October 26 (mid-term) and AFTER December 6 (final). These journal entries will serve to keep us all abreast of your activities in the internship. It is also a way to share any information you may have about opportunities or issues of interest that have come from your experience.

Presentations: Students will present to the class a progress report at mid-term and a final report at the end of the semester about their experience working on the internship and what they have learned from the internship. A summary of this will be posted on the wiki. If work was created during the internship it will be shown and critiqued.

Course learning outcomes ' Upon completion of the course students will: Know: What is needed to have a successful internship Be able to: Work professionally in an internship environment