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Research resources

Annotated bibliographies

Production / Post Production

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booking resource: Casting Workbook Content and contact info deleted by request

Booking a FVIM edit station at ECU
When you need to book a station:


File:Ethics Protocol.pdf Included in this consideration for non-documentary based, non- subject research based works: Social Ethics of subjects represented.

Graduation Technical Requirements 2013
File:Graduation technical requirements 2013.pdf

Green Screen

File:Green Screen one sheet.pdf
Here are some tips to guide you toward a successful green/blue/red screen shoot.

Here are tips to execute a successful interview:
File:Interviewing tips.pdf

Post Production schedule for Film/time based media
File:410 production calendar .pdf

Production Binder
File:FVIM 400 Production binders.pdf

Production Checklist
Some tips to guide your production:
File:Senior Studio Media Production.pdf