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Welcome to FVIM 400 Fall 2013 and your graduating year.

File:FVIM 400 Fall 2013.pdf

Upcoming Grad Panels

All students enrolled in FVIM 400 and ISMA 400 are required to participate in the 4th year review panels held in the last week of the semester. 4th Year Review Panels provide you with the opportunity for an objective critique of your body of work by faculty not necessarily connected to your curriculum. FVIM and ISMA recognize the value of the panels as an essential part of the development of each student's art practice and learning experience. Any student not participating in the review panel process will receive a 20% reduction in their final grade.
Presentation Details –FVIM and ISMA Review Panels:

• On the day of your review panel you will be expected to present a representation of this term’s project(s). Please install or present your work with care and attention.

• Students requiring equipment from AV (other than the projector/computer set up provided) are responsible for booking, set up and return of equipment. Remember to book well in advance.

• The format of the review may include some or all of the following: updated work to date (a must); a brief verbal presentation related to your work; analytical or critical comments from the panel members; individual questions by panel members; informal discussion and/or recommendations.

• In preparation for the review panel, determine how you will present your work, both physically and intellectually. Be prepared to discuss the content of the work; its formal attributes; medium; the anticipated development of the work; the intentions of the work; and its ideological position or framework. You may also consider discussing the position of this work relative to work by other artists and/or historical precedents.

Course Description

Website catalogue description | www.ecuad.ca This senior studio course acts as a forum for the critical and artistic development of Film, Video + Integrated Media students’ grad projects, which reflect a culmination of what students have learned in their years of study in media. A high level of self-directed activity is expected, along with participation in peer group and class discussion, presentations and critiques. Students will develop their grad project through proposal, pre-production and production phases with the medium, form and content of their choosing.
This course is your segue from student to professional life. Engagement in the seminar groups (both in session with Harry and Fiona and amongst independently meeting groups) should be considered a professional commitment. They should be approached with generosity, supportive critical engagement and in the spirit of professionalizing the work of all of your peers.

FVIM 400 FALL'13 - Seminar Groups

All Seminar groups meet weekly.
When not scheduled to meet with Harry and Fiona, groups meet outside of the classroom at a mutually agreeable place and time - either on campus or via Skype
All students are responsible for posting an abbreviated list of the suggestions made during your meetings.This will be considered your attendance for weeks you are not meeting with Harry and Fiona.

Ward, Jamie R.(FVIM400)
Harrelson, Clyde W(FVIM400)
- Joudaki, Bita(FVIM400)
Groetelaars, Brittney M.(FVIM400)

Wilson, Patrick T.(FVIM400)
Russel, Maryam(ISMA400)
Phillips, Genevieve T.(FVIM400)
Lam, Lawrence L.(FVIM400)
Wong, Sarah C.(ISMA400)

Yu, Sinae(FVIM400)
Copeman, Melody M.(ISMA400)
Teoh, Amanda (ISMA400)
Duru, Yasemin(FVIM400)
Chueh, Andy (ISMA400)

He, Tony(FVIM400)
Rodriguez, Diego A.(FVIM400)
Staempfli, Benjamin B.(FVIM400)
Worrall, Amanda M.(FVIM400)
Asad, Ayesha (FVIM400)

Li, Weiyuan(FVIM400)
Whalen, Ariel N.(FVIM400)
Mo, Di(ISMA400)
Hu, Kent (ISMA400)
Beauchamp, Casey (FVIM400) will skype in

Bae, Hyungweun (FVIM400)
Zhao, Edison B.(FVIM400)
Gutierrez, Fernanda M.(FVIM400)
Prabhakar, Anant(FVIM400)


ATTENDANCE FOR ALL Full classes w GUESTS MANDATORY (an automatic deduction of 5% for every full class or seminar group missed)

week 1 Labour Day

week 2 Sept 09

Introductions, quick round introducing yourself and a couple of sentences about your projects.
Overview of course and schedule.
familiarize yourself with our wiki space, experiment with the options here by doing a couple of trail posts.
Very general wiki info:
here is a very short video introducing the basics of adding content to your wiki page. Remember this is a Wikipedia tutorial, so remember to contribute, if you so choose, add your actual content here on our own wiki....[1]
there is also a help section on the Main Page. You can click on the link in the left side panel. Assignment: 1.Explore the wiki, look at the course link and information posted there. Have a look at the archived courses where you can see some of the past work undertaken by students. 2. After you have logged into the wiki using your ECU username and password, click on your name in the upper right hand corner near the log-in area. This will take you to your profile page. You can add profile info here. 3. Go to our course page and click on your name in the SEMINAR GROUP list area. Write a paragraph about yourself: your interests, past and current practice. Upload one – five images of your past work (don’t worry if it is very different from the grad project you are undertaking in this class).
Getting Started on the Wiki

Visit with Sean Arden to talk about RED camera
FVIM/ISMA Techs visit to talk about technical considerations for productions.

2:30 - 4:30 Group A
5: 20 - 7:20 - Group B with HK+FB

week 3 Sept 16

Artwork images 167990 524693 james-coleman.jpg

This is a still from an artwork by James Coleman-Retake with Evidence (featuring Harvey Keitel. 46 min. 35mm, 2007), a project that Colin Griffiths worked with James Coleman on the installation and finally installed first at Documenta 2007 among other galleries and museums.

1pm- 2:10 Guest Colin Griffiths, Media Art Specialist will talk about design, production and installations of film, public art, interactive and multimedia.

Colin Griffiths is a media arts specialist with a 25 year history of installation and technical expertise, exhibition management and development of cultural projects.
His primary activity is the design and installation of projected contemporary artworks. In collaboration with the artist, Colin Griffiths coordinates autonomous exhibition systems that utilize diverse technologies, including synchronized 35mm slides, 16mm and 35mm film, video projection, 3D audio and acoustics, and virtual reality.
Mr. Griffiths has worked, among others, with artists James Coleman (Dublin/Paris), Char Davies (Montréal), Tacita Dean (Berlin), Stan Douglas (Vancouver), Rodney Graham (Vancouver), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Montréal/Madrid), Fiona Tan (Amsterdam), Gillian Wearing (London) and Christopher Williams (Los Angeles).

2:30 - 4:30 Group C and
5: 20 - 7:20 Group D with HK+FB

week 4 Sept 23

Queen Sarah Jane Redmond.jpg

1 - 1:30pm : WALL Production Calendar in room 406 - ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND, POST:
1. their proposed dates for shooting/or production
2. AV equipment or other ( Computers, RED, or outside sourced production equipment)/
3. Principle crew or assistants if applicable such as AD, Coder(s), Production Design, Cinematographer, Sculptor, sound designer, technician etc)
Guest: Actor Sarah Jane Redmond
Known for her roles in Millennium, Da Vinci's Inquest and The X-Files, and many film roles, Sarah Jane Redmond is an accomplished actress, well versed in the many aspects of her chosen profession which she considers to be her craft. Indeed throughout Sarah-Jane's career the actress has gathered an extensive resume of skills and experience including Dance, Theatre, Film and Television work.[3]

2:30 - 4:30Group E
5: 20 - 7:20 Group F with HK+FB

week 5 Sept 30

(this is a picture of Dorothy Woodend of DOXA being interviewed by Mandy Ross)

• 1 - 1:30 Casting Workbook Content and contact information deleted by request X

• 1:30 - 2:30 GUEST Dorothy Woodend from DOXA
(date of visit to be confirmed)
• 2:20 - 4 Group A
• 4 - 5:30 Group B
• 5:50 - 7:20 Group C


week 6 Oct 7th

1- 2:30 Group D with HK+FB
2:30 - 4:30Group E with HK+FB
5: 20 - 7:20 Group F with HK+FB

week 7 Oct 14 - THANKSGIVING- No classes

week 8 Oct 21

MIDTERM PANELS Students prepare and present a concise presentation of work in progress outlining production work flow, pre-production, production/shooting schedule
1:00 - 3:50 7:20
and 4:30 - 7:20

week 9 Oct 28

Please sign up for individual meetings with either Harry or Simon https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvhJL8QJFhzedHRmSWZobFN6bndYdm1peGkyNUJfWVE&usp=drive_web#gid=0

week 10 Nov 4

1- 2:30 Group D with HK+FB
2:30 - 4:30Group E with HK+FB
5: 20 - 7:20 Group F with HK+FB

week 11 Nov 11 HOLIDAY NO CLASS

week 12 Nov 18

1- 2:30 Group A with HK+FB
2:30 - 4:30Group B with HK+FB
5: 20 - 7:20 Group C with HK+FB

week 13 Nov 25

1- 2:30 Group D with HK+FB
2:30 - 4:30Group E with HK+FB
5: 20 - 7:20 Group F with HK+FB

Week 14 Dec 2nd

Crits w. Anim

Week 15 Dec 9th

Crits w. Anim last day of regular classes.

Production checklist

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO UPLOAD FILES: the easiest way is to save your document as a .pdf then use the 'Upload Link' over there in the left hand sidebar under the heading Toolbox. Once you have uploaded, a page will automatically open showing the file. Simply copy the title of the page (it will say something like: File:scriptV1Murat - or however you titled it...). Once you have copied the title, come back to your page, press edit and paste it in

File:script Name... then put these brackets around it: [[ ]] and it will show up as a link. like this one


• Treatment | Project Summary (for installation) add a category

• Script (latest version)

• Scheduling (timeline, needs to be specific) start and end times for each stage

• Crew list with positions (and subs)

• Equipment (rentals)

• Catering • Shoot schedule w/locations, track confirmations

• Insurance

• Budget

• Directors script breakdown and shot list

• Schematic | Plans | Material samples | Maquette (for installation)

• Character Analysis and background

• Casting information (who, when, where)

• Location information (permissions)

• Visual reference/style

• Storyboards

• Pre-production + shotlist

• Production Design

• Editing Notes

• Coverage, cutaways

• Sound notes, design, location concerns

• Production reports

• Releases

• Camera reports

• Production stills

Other links, outlines, protocols, interview tips

File:FVIM 400 Fall 2013.pdf
File:Senior Studio Media Production.pdf
File:Ethics Protocol.pdf Included in this consideration for non-documentary based, non- subject research based works: Social Ethics of subjects represented.
File:Interviewing tips.pdf