FVIM 410 Senior Media II Spring 2013

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Welcome to ECU-FVIM 400/410 2012/2013 Here is your post production schedule: File:410 production calendar .pdf


Course Description

Website catalogue description | www.ecuad.ca This senior studio course acts as a forum for the critical and artistic development of Film, Video + Integrated Media students’ grad projects, which reflect a culmination of what students have learned in their years of study in media. A high level of self-directed activity is expected, along with participation in peer group and class discussion, presentations and critiques. Students will develop their grad project through proposal, pre-production and production phases with the medium, form and content of their choosing.

Course Outline
File:FVIM 410 Course Outline-S'13.pdf
Text description of tech requirements
File:Grad tech 2013.pdf

FVIM 410 Spring '13 - Seminar Groups

Feel free to link to last terms project page or other wiki project pages you have made at the top of your page for this spring.

Patrick Wilson FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - pwilson@ecuad.ca
Niv Ende FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - nende@ecuad.ca
Clair Robinson FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - crobinson@ecuad.ca
Anaisa Visser FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - avisser@ecuad.ca
Ying Fei (Celine) Sun FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - ysun@ecuad.ca
Collin Feigle FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - cfeigle@ecuad.ca

Anthony Depaul FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - adepaulii@ecuad.ca
Maya Gulin FVIM 410 Spring 2013- mgulin@ecuad.ca
Lesley Perrie FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - lperrie@ecuad.ca
Murat Tursan FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - mtursan@ecuad.ca
Goldie Wong FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - hwong3226@ecuad.ca

Eugene Chong FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - echong3098@ecuad.ca
Mark McDonald FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - markmcdonald@ecuad.ca
Lei Zhang FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - lzhang3158@ecuad.ca
Amber Davy FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - adavy@ecuad.ca
Jenna Ledger FVIM 410 Spring 2013 jledger@ecuad.ca

Maksim Bentsianov FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - mbentsianov@ecuad.ca
Phoebe Johnson * FVIM410 - pjohnson@ecuad.ca
Tyson Laidler FVIM 410 Spring 2013 tlaidler@ecuad.ca
Yu Ying FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - yying@ecuad.ca
Stephanie Janyk FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - sjanyk@ecuad.ca

Cindy Auyeung FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - cauyeung@ecuad.ca
Jordon Dowler-Coltman FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - jdowler-coltman@ecuad.ca
Da Eun Leong FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - djeong@ecuad.ca
David Shushan FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - dshushan@ecuad.ca
Vera Finina FVIM 410 Spring 2013 - vfinina@ecuad.ca

Production calendar link

more to come...

in the spring deliver one full rez 422 file and one H264 screening file. Do a mix in room 250.

CASTING WORKBOOK Handout VancouverDirectors

content deleted upon request

Other links, outlines, protocols, interview tips

File:Senior Studio Media Production.pdf
File:Ethics Protocol.pdf Included in this consideration for non-documentary based, non- subject research based works: Social Ethics of subjects represented.
File:Interviewing tips.pdf

( File:FVIM 400 Fall 2012.pdf )

Production checklist

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO UPLOAD FILES: the easiest way is to save your document as a .pdf then use the 'Upload Link' over there in the left hand sidebar under the heading Toolbox. Once you have uploaded, a page will automatically open showing the file. Simply copy the title of the page (it will say something like: File:scriptV1Murat - or however you titled it...). Once you have copied the title, come back to your page, press edit and paste it in

File:scriptV1Murat then put these brackets around it: [[ ]] and it will show up as a link. like this one

File:FILM STUDENT ACCESS REQUEST.pdf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

• Treatment | Project Summary (for installation) add a category

• Script (latest version)

• Scheduling (timeline, needs to be specific) start and end times for each stage

• Crew list with positions (and subs)

• Equipment (rentals)

• Catering • Shoot schedule w/locations, track confirmations

• Insurance

• Budget

• Directors script breakdown and shot list

• Schematic | Plans | Material samples | Maquette (for installation)

• Character Analysis and background

• Casting information (who, when, where)

• Location information (permissions)

• Visual reference/style

• Storyboards

• Pre-production + shotlist

• Production Design

• Editing Notes

• Coverage, cutaways

• Sound notes, design, location concerns

• Production reports

• Releases

• Camera reports

• Production stills