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Graduate Low Residency Studios are here


Welcome ECU Graduate Students

We would like to welcome our Low Residency and Resident Graduate students to the Emily Carr Wiki. I see this as an opportunity for everyone to mix and exchange ideas and research resources across undergraduate and graduate programs. There is a lot of skill and talent here, say hello and network to support your projects and research: whether to find crew members, mentors, friends with common interests, or to form groups! The possibilities are endless.

Please put your page links here so we can navigate to them. Here is how to do it:
1. click edit (above)
2. place your curser at the top of this page where you would like your name/link to appear.
3. click internal link above (Ab). 4> [[ ]] will appear and you may type your first and last name here and follow it with Graduate Student. ( _____________, Graduate Student). EG. I want to add content under my own page so I will create one. : Finnna Biwie, Graduate Student. you will notice that this type is in red. If I was to click on it, add content and save the page, the name would appear as Blue and then form a link....

GRADUATE STUDENTS interested in Experimental Practices

Welcome Graduate students to the ECU wiki. We are happy to have you here.

This experimental practices forum (and attached courses) acts as a habitat for a critical and artistic development of praxis in relation to experimental practice. It is intended as a place to explore, prepare and hone self-initiated and directed creative explorations. Within the context of experimentation, these explorations can be realized and developed beyond one's current repertoire.
This forum (and courses) will gives participants the opportunity to conduct and present research that supports studio or written work. It is hoped that this forum will support your articulation of the unfamiliar. In this supportive community structure, students can challenge their own methodologies and process; explore outside their current mediums; expand their understanding of their own artistic choices, conceptual proclivities, creative habits, skill sets and professional relationships. This expansion of repertoire is intended to enhance current studio and professional practice. There are 6 and 3 credit courses related to experimental practices but this space marks the first time people interested in the subject have a space to load content that will contribute to the general archive. Please contribute your ideas, bibliographies, musings on writing or related work and your own work.

Experimental Practices Online Community Philosophy
This new wiki is the beginning of an ongoing community of individuals interested in Experimental Practice. You are encouraged to remain part of the community after your course by preserving your page (thereby your research, work and links) and come back to see what new work is being undertaken here. future students will benefit from your contributions to this online library. Faculty and graduate students are encouraged to start new pages if so inclined. You are welcome to continue to contribute feedback if you are motivated by research or work you find here.
Hopefully with ongoing contributions across terms and years, this wiki will become a valuable research tool for current and past students alike. In successive terms/years, individuals visiting particular course pages will be able to also projects of the individuals in that cohort by visiting the class student links bottom of the page. Happy digging.

General Information

Dear participant, thanks for coming to our evolving wiki. New this year, you may now log on with your ECU username and password. Once you have logged in, you will see your name displayed in the upper right corner in Red.
1. Click on that link and a dialogue box will open asking if you want to create a page:
"There were no results matching the query".

2. Create the page "Yourname" on this wiki!

3. Go ahead and create your user profile. You can tell us a bit about yourself including interests. here is an example: User:Bowiefb You can copy this page title adding the following brackets [[ ]] (eg. User:yourname) and add it to any page where you want to share your profile (Faculty can post it on the Faculty page, Students on their own studio pages (links below), Graduates and Alumni on their respective pages)

4. YOUR OTHER PAGE (course work): Click on your name in the list on this page. This will take you to your STUDIO page that will contain all of your research, links to articles, links to videos of your work etc. Once you are logged in (above), you will notice that an "edit option" appears on the right side above the header on your page (just next to the search feature. You can click this in order to add content to your page. play with the links at the top of the page in "edit mode" have fun, don't worry if you make an error or lose any material you previously posted, you can restore at any time by clicking on 'View history' and copying an earlier version of your page.

Feedback on Peers: Instructions:

you can add feedback, comments etc. on your peers pages by clicking 'Edit" on their page and adding your comments. Preface your comment by adding this first:  : COMMENT (your name here) (your comments here)(please be mindful of their space and design of their studio/labs)