GSML 502 2013: Advanced Studio II

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Welcome Low Residency Graduate Students

Course Outline File:GSML 502 Fall 2013 course outline.docx

Listen to Introduction here:


(Text version here: Introduction to GSML 502 Fall 2013: Advanced Studio ll )
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This page will contain a link to your studio course outline, a weekly schedule and house links to your virtual studios where your work will be posted.

Your Studios
* Galan Akin [[3]] skype user name: galanakin Troy Gronsdahl [4] skype user name: troygronsdahl Jay Havens [5] skype user name: hey.javens * Christann Kennedy [6] skype user name: christann.kennedy Cadine Navarro [7] skype user name: cadinelouise Melany Nugent [8] skype user name:melanynugent * Dionne Paul [9] skype user name: * Valerie Tremblay Blouin [10] skype user name: Valerie9009 Trevor Van Den Eynden [11] skype user name: van.tre

GSML 502 2013: Advanced Studio II

This studio course expands on the work started in Media + Visual Arts Advanced Studio I. This course continues to emphasize critical inquiry and studio practice as primary means for learning. Students will be advancing the development of their thesis projects.

Course Content (for this specific offering of the course)

Students will exhibit work in their Virtual Studios for online group critique at regular intervals throughout the Fall semester.

Course learning outcomes

Students will develop a thorough understanding of the theoretical and practical context for their creative work in support of their research toward a thesis project.

Schedule at a glance

3 September - 9 September
Advanced Studio II Introduction
Task for week 1
Create a schedule for your terms work.

This week, I would like you to create a schedule for yourself, outlining your courses, important dates (deadlines, critiques) and importantly studio time. We all lead busy lives and a way to create a concrete path forward is to set aside regular time each week to devote to your studio practice without any other distractions. We can discuss this in the next two weeks during our individual tutorials.

Critique Guidelines:

Our critiques will usually proceed according to the following steps:
1. Describe what you see and experience without going into interpretation. Or
What do you see and experience?
2. Begin connecting observations with interpretation. Or
What do these observations make you think about?
3. Situate the work within artistic discourse and art history.
What other artwork or artists does this work remind you of?
4. Articulate how the work is significant within a current time frame.
Is this work contemporary? How does the work reflect contemporary questions, issues, etc?

  • adapted from:

The Critique Handbook: The Art Student's Sourcebook and Survival Guide (2nd Edition) by Kendall Buster Paula Crawford, 2009.

Wiki Comment Guidelines:
you can add feedback, comments etc. on your peers pages by clicking 'Edit" on their page and adding your comments. Preface your comment by adding this first:  : COMMENT (your name here) (your comments here)(please be mindful of their space and design of their page) end comment.

10 September - 16 September
Individual Tutorials x 5/ studio work
TUESDAY Cadine 10am Trevor 1pm

THURSDAY Dionne 1:40 pm 3pm - Galan 3:40 Melany 4:20 - Troy

FRIDAY Valerie 2:20 Jay 3pm Christann 4:20

17 September - 23 September
Individual Tutorials x 4/ studio work

Cadine 1pm;
Dionne 1:40
Melany 3:40
Troy 4:20

FRIDAY Reconciliation, no meetings.


Valerie 1:30
Trevor 2pm
Galan 2:40
Christann 4:20

24 September
1 October - 7 October
Group Critique 1 & 2
Friday the 4th
Troy 12pm
Christann 12:40
Dionne 1:20
Jay 2pm
Saturday the 5th
Trevor 1:20 pm
Galan 12:40
Valerie 1:20
Melany 2pm

8 October - 14 October
Individual Tutorials x 5/ studio work
15 October - 21 October
Individual Tutorials x 5/ studio work

22 October - 28 October

Critique 2 - scheduled as per doodle

Hi all, with all of you participating in the poll to state time preferences below find our schedule. So, here is the order of work we will discuss.
Please attend/contribute to as many of the discussions as possible/feasible for you.

Cadine 10am
Galan 10:40
Christann 11:20
Troy 1pm
Valerie 1:40
Melany 2:20
Trevor 3pm
Jay 3:40pm
Dione 4:20pm

...just to remind, I would like to structure this weeks (group) meetings as focused critiques that particularly consider how you have responded to feedback/moved forward in the last month. How is/is that response reflected in your latest efforts? Focus on one or two critical elements of the 1st set of critiques or meetings w Chris that resonated with you/provoked questions/ directions/articulations/future forays.


29 October - 4 November

Hi all, after looking at the schedule and considering the desire for those resident in Vancouver to get together en studio to (esp) view paint first hand while also wanting to accommodate those of you who would prefer a one on one meeting this week, I have created the following schedule. Those of you out of town have two options: You can have a one on one meeting on Saturday if you so desire and you can also choose to attend the in situ salon via Skype. I have created many time options, but will hone a 3-6 hr time slot for the in situ salon depending on demand. Also if you are only interested in a one on one meeting on Saturday, please note they will be 40 min from the time you sign up for.

IMPORTANT: if you are out of town and do wish to attend the in situ salon via Skype, please let me know so I can ensure your involvement. That said, I will have the laptop with me, and we will have Skype activated.

So to recap: Saturday schedule is for one on one meetings only. Tuesday and Wednesday are OPTIONS for our face to face salon- once you have responded, I will schedule EITHER Tues. or Wed. for it depending on popular availability.
Individual Tutorials x 4/ studio work

5 November - 11 November

Individual Tutorials as requested/ studio work
Tuesday evening Face to Face studio visits

12 November - 18 November and 19 November - 25 November

Group sessions
Saturday 16th of November

12:15 pm Galan
1pm Dionne
1:45 Troy
2:30 Trevor

19 November - 25 November
Saturday 23rd of November
Group sessions
 - con't 12:15 Jay
1pm Melany
1:45 Valerie
2:30 pm Christann
3:15 pm Cadine

26 November - 2 December
Individual Tutorials x 5/studio work

3 December - 9 December
Critique 4 - not yet scheduled
John will join us for critique

10 December - 16 December
Reflective Portfolio
Please submit a reflective portfolio (500-1000 words, with images) that charts the progress you have made in the studio. Your account should make reference to aspects of the discussions that occurred in the series of critiques we undertook this semester.
Try to address the following:
• how your knowledge of the context for your practice has developed
• how the identification of your thematic concerns has developed
• how your studio practice has developed in relation to historical systems of inquiry or creative knowledge
• how your way of making has changed and evolved in response to (or as a driver of) the above considerations

Please upload a file <50MB (.pdf is best) to your virtual studio, or provide a link there to an archive located elsewhere.

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