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Accessing the student file space is a different process, depending on if the student is using a Mac or PC.


It is super easy to do this on a Mac.

Students can access their personal space, dropboxes and public space by clicking on the connect to server icon on the desktop

They use their email username and password.

Students need to remember to log off from connect to server when they are done. This is done by dragging the icon the trash.


It is less easy on a PC, students will need to FTP files to their file space.

In Firefox, under Tools > FireFTP (will open in a new tab).

Top left hand corner, select "Your Network Space" from the dropdown menu. Click Connect (right beside that dropdown menu).

You'll be prompted to enter login information. Use email username and password.

On the right hand pane of the screen you'll see the folders and files in your file space.

Select files from the left hand pane of the screen (files on the local computer) and use the green arrow buttons to move files from the local computer to the student file space. (To move files from your file space to the local computer, select the file on the right hand pane and click the green arrow to move the file to the left hand pane)

Click Disconnect when you're finished.

More info on FireFTP: