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Levi Loree

To me the idea of "experimental practices" doesn't really have very much to do with spontaneity at all. It is the simple idea of doing something that you haven't done before, or acting on an idea that you hadn't acted on before in a situation where the outcome isn't certain or a guarantee. Stepping outside of what is familiar to try to pursue something that is unfamiliar. That is what "experimental practices" means to me. So in my mind that could include using a medium you've never tried before, using a program you've never tried or maybe ever even heard of before, or

Haters [1]

Comment FIona Bowie) Hi Levi, please spend more time on this, I agree with your assessment, but there is much more room for discussion of the questions asked. Please review and discuss all of them. I am also interested to see what you will choose from ubu.com.(end comment)

A couple of ideas that I have had for this semesters project involve a few different categories.

Sound: -exploring/creating soundscapes A soundscape is a sound or combination of sounds that forms or arises from an immersive environment. I haven't taken a sound class before (which I realize now was a mistake) and I really would like to explore and experiment with the idea of soundscapes.Maybe try my hand at making my own. -some of my influences (or well, are they influences yet really? Because I haven't actually made anything yet) include Thom Yorke, Trent Reznor,

Music and images -investigate the connection and how people perceive something they see with different audio. Something that is seen in silence could be received differently than something that is shown with music. -obviously the option of creating a "music video" is one to contemplate. Maybe I could create a soundscape or well, some kind of track and then try to create something visual to go along with it, but that isn't really a new idea, so I would try to bring something new to it.

What I have done in the past includes painting, drawing, film, video, editing, etc etc but sound and music is a big gap in my artistic practice.

Here's some soundscapeish stuff I like: Barry Truax[[2]]- The one I liked was "Arras" Ghosts 36[[3]] I was hoping to find a link that didn't have a video to go along with it, so if you watch this try to just listen to the sound. Ghosts 14[[4]] >Same with this one Hyperpower![[5]] >And ditto to this one Treefingers[[6]]

making a list of things to record to collect sounds.

and hey check this out! [[7]]

Okay so making a score... who are some composers that I have heard of? Well, John Williams obviously, but I mean who hasn't right? I've mentioned Trent Reznor and his work for the screen, but here are some others I really like too: Clint Mansell [[8]] really catchy melody from the film "moon" which is definitely worth watching in my opinon. More Clint Mansell [[9]] Jonny Greenwood [[10]] [[11]] [[12]]

1 So, coming up with a melody. It is a very very embarrassingly simple one. two chords right now. Which apparently I can't upload because an mp3 is not an allowed file type.

Okay, Trying to work with logic is frustrating because there are so many options it is easy to get lost. Plus, if you select an option its hard to figure out how to deselect it and the worst part of all is that the mouse on the logic studio computer doesn't have a scroll wheel! (first world problems)

2 The piano part of what I am trying to make has 5 chords in total now, but they are played in groups of 4 and the 5th one isn't played everytime. The 5th one is an 'F' chord so when it is played off of the 'C' chord it sounds uplifting. That's another cool thing about Logic; it will tell you what the notes are that you're playing and what chords you are playing too.

3 Trying to make a drum layer and play around with the filters and stuff. Doesn't sound very good in my opinion. The drums are to punchy. Also playing with panning. Plus, the timing isnt good enough, my biggest error was probably recording the piano first and then trying to make the drums go along with it.

4 Okay made my own drum track, but the timing is off with the piano and meh, it just isn't working.

5 So here is what is going on in this track: Okay so got a drum loop that works, and started with that instead of the piano. Then made the background tone which was two lowest F notes with the Yamaha piano in the lowest octave played really fast with some reverb. Then I layered the strings over top of it all, and bam. The Drums and deep tone pan over each other and switch from left to right and then right to left several times, as the Drums slowly become bit-crushed. Then (after several attempts to try to not mess up) recorded the main piano part. Then played the high notes (during the dip in the song near the end). Then I