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Pitch Night for Senior Animation Projects

Pitch Night is an event when senior Animation students present samples of their film projects in order to attract volunteers for assistance on their productions. Second and third year animation, Illustration program majors, Foundation students, and others are highly encouraged to participate in senior productions as a way to learn new skills, and to become familiar with the processes of production.

Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, 4-7pm room A1010
2D-Experimental Animation Pitches

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Volunteers for Projects

It's great experience to work on a senior project production! You can attend Pitch Night to learn about the various projects and what kinds of skills and commitments the Animation seniors are hoping to recruit for their films.

There will be a range of skill needs, especially with tasks such as cleaning up drawings, coloring and in-between animation.
It's okay to volunteer even if you can only to commit to a small amount of work! Maybe you can offer to color 2 shots, and that's great!

After learning about the projects during the presentations, there will be time for everyone to meet, talk, and exchange information. If you have an artist's card, you can bring it to exchange.


Senior Preparation

(1) Prepare the materials . Consider the guidance information given below.
(2) Practicing your pitch in advance can help you feel more comfortable, and to be clearer in expressing your project.
(3) BRING YOUR FILES ON A USB DRIVE. Please do NOT download them from online (this slows everything down).
(4) Arrive 30 minutes EARLY, in order to load your presentation materials. Be prepared to stay for the whole event.
(5) Once you're at the event, SIGN UP for a slot to present. This will be the order of presentations.
(6) Do you have business cards (or something similar)? This isn't required, but could be a way to exchange information.
(7) Consider bringing a notepad and pen, or an easy to use phone app so you can easily take names and emails from anyone expressing interest in helping you.

==Presentation Formatting==
(1) max length of entire presentation: 3-4 min. (This is timed)
(2) Images are very important, and are an important way to activate the audience's interest.
(3) Everything should be easily legible from 20 feet away. Do not crowd slides with images and text.
(4) Bring a PDF of your slides and 1-2 movie media clips (Quicktime, .avi, etc) Test your media before the event!
(PDF is the safest bet for a presentation file. If you use PowerPoint or Keynote, re-formatting may occur if font choices are not supported on the host computer.)

Basic Information to Include

  • Film Title, Your name(s), Medium
  • (medium example: 2D Traditional, Experimental drawing under the camera, Stop-motion Puppets, etc)</li>

  • Logline. Verbally tell us very briefly what the project is about while showing IMAGES. (helps to cover more material!)
  • IMAGES: concept art visuals and completed production materials (example: model sheets, background art)
  • SAMPLE from your WIP / animatic
    Choose a section that's easy to understand when taken out of context, and a particularly strong and dynamic moment.
  • An animation test (if you have it)
  • (example) a) _____, starting January. Skills needed are : _____, ______
    (example) b) Vocal Actor for "name of character," briefly state their role in the story

  • Closing slide: your name, title of project, email, website. (LET THIS STAY UP for at least 5 seconds! :D )
  • Remember to say "Thank you!"

  • Tiger Fight logline page sample.jpg
    Tiger Fight format DO page sample.jpg
    Tiger Fight format DONT page sample.jpg
    Tiger Fight format END page sample.jpg