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Each animation project will create a film poster to accompany their film. The poster's cost is covered by the school, and then framed using a frame supplied by the 2DAN, 3DAN, and FMSA programs. These framed posters are then hung for the Grad Exhibition.

Poster Resources

DropBox: POSTER TEMPLATES for download, Photoshop + Illustrator (updated Feb 2022)

Poster Design Creation Notes.pdf, updated 2020 This offers some design advice when considering composition, proportions, and font selections.

Poster Specifications


  • your film or animation's TITLE
  • your film credit, such as: Film by Your Name


  • 11 x 17 portrait or landscape
  • Exhibition frames are bought in bulk through our programs in order to ensure visual consistency. Students will be told when the frames arrive and posters are to be framed and hung.

WORKING FILE SET-UP for Photoshop and Illustrator:

  • You can use use the poster templates we provide (linked above) or create your own file. The templates provide guidelines and have the colour space and resolution assigned.

If you create your own file:

  • Set your document’s file information to:
    • sRGB (Photoshop) or RGB (Illustrator) colour profile
    • 300 dpi (NOT higher or lower!)
    • tabloid format size (exact): 11” wide x 17” high (vertical orientation)

Design warning

  • A 1/8” "safety zone" is indicated on each side to let you know how much the poster frame will cover up. Each template file also indicates a 1/2" inch zone on all edges. Don't place any important imagery beyond the 1/2" this safety zone.


  • Photoshop, and other raster-image software
    • SAVE AS or EXPORT as a 300dpi, flattened TIF file (no layers), with the sRGB profile embedded

  • Illustrator and other vector art software
    • SAVE AS or EXPORT as a .PDF
    • 1. Illustrator: File > Save As... > PDF
    • 2. (pop up window) Adobe PDF Preset > Illustrator (Default) (important selection!)
    • 3. Save PDF

DIGITAL POSTER IMAGE for the PRESS KIT(not for printing)

  • 1920 (high) x 1242 (wide), at 72dpi
  • high resolution JPG
  • turned in as part of the PRESS KIT
  • Title the file 'lastname_firstinitial_PosterPK_FilmTitle.jpg' looks like 'chin_m_PosterPK_Squawkers.jpg'

Photoshop has colour selection warning feedback:

  • in the Colour Picker, colours that have the inverted triangle warning are outside of print range. Don't use these because they won't print as you see them in the monitor.
  • Click on the warning icon to have the software indicate the proper colour range for your choice. Make adjustments from there.

The Digital Output Centre (DOC) offers high quality scanners, printers and technical assistance for student use, and the option to submit files for full service printing. Appointments with DOC technicians must be made as far in advance as is possible when seeking full service or a consultation session.

  • Poster printing will be done in bulk by the DM Grad Committee, but you might choose to print posters for yourself.
  • DOC is Room C4230 (604)844.3895 *Pricing sheets available in the room.