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All Animation Seniors create Press Kits along with their Senior Project. These materials are considered the standard for film distribution and publicity. These materials are used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Media On Demand Senior Profile (students upload this info to their individual MOD profiles)
  • Vimeo album of Senior Year films, available for film festivals and industry to review (password protected)
  • Inquiries on specific filmmakers by news outlets, etc
  • Animation Program submission of films to a selection of festivals must include this info


Press Kit Checklist:

  • One Sheet (please look below for a DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE MS Word doc, and use this.) The one sheet content includes:
    • Contact Information (see "one sheet" section for more details)
    • Film Details
    • Synopsis
    • Production Credits
    • Artist's Statement
    • Biography
  • Director's Photos, Full and cropped
  • 3 Film Production Stills
  • Film Poster, in web image format


  • Final Delivery Date: April 19th, 2022
  • Press kit must be delivered to your technicians as a single folder containing your one-sheet, director photos, production stills and screen-resolution (72 dpi) poster - digital submissions only.
  • Press kit FOLDER must be labelled: “student’s last name_first initial_Press_Kit” (ie doe_j_Press_Kit)
  • Each individual file in the Press kit has a naming protocol. Please check our | Technical Standards page
  • Refer to Submitting Exhibition Screening Media on how to submit your materials
  • If your individual faculty expect copies, deliver the files to them separately. Technicians are not delivering your Press Kits for you.
  • We will be collecting your press kit text into a spreadsheet via a Google Form - Find the link on Submitting Exhibition Screening Media. You will copy/paste the text from your one-sheet into the form. This will help us organize all of the press kits for the Media On Demand and screening programs.

One Sheet

[Please download and use this One-Sheet document.] It is on the Emily Carr OneDrive, and requires your Emily Carr log in.
A Microsoft Word document containing:

  • contact information
  • film title, country of origin, year of completion for the film/project
  • format (digital video formats, aspect ratio, frame rate, running length, sound format)
  • synopsis of the film (Aim for a concise 1-2 sentence log line that stays under 50 words)
  • list of production credits (thanks and special thanks are not included.)
  • biography (up to 100 words max, third-person voice)
    • the artist's bio might include where you're originally from, your interests as an artist, and what you hope to do after school.
  • artist’s statement (1 paragraph, 100 words maximum, first-person voice.)
    • the artist's statement focuses on why you made the film, and what the topic means to you.
  • embed small version (400px x 600px) of your director's cropped headshot
  • embed 3 small versions of production film stills
  • all text is left justified, not centre justified
  • Word doc is saved and titled: lastname_firstinitial_Press Kit.docx would look like doe_j_Press Kit.docx

Director’s Photograph

This should be a clear image of the student's face, allowing a crop of shoulders and face.

Example Head Shot CROPPED
  • high quality JPG
  • 400 px x 400 px (square) at 72 dpi
    • a shoulder and head portrait, focusing on the face
  • Name the file lastname_firstinitial_DirPhoto.jpg which looks like 'doe_j_DirPhoto.jpg

Production Stills

  • 3 high quality JPGs
  • Native resolution of your film (example: 1920 x 1080, 72dpi)
  • Named ‘Stills_Film_Title_01.jpg’, ‘Film_Title_02.jpg’ etc
  • These are supplied as high-res images, separate from the small versions embedded in your one-sheet

Film Poster, Digital Image

  • high quality JPG
  • 72 dpi
  • 1920 height x 1242 width
  • sRGB colour profile
  • Name the file ‘lastname_firstinitial_PosterPK_filmtitle.jpg’ would look like 'wood_k_PosterPK_Astrolab.jpg'
  • this is not the printed version. It is for digital viewing only. It will be used for DM advertising in the exhibition.