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Refections for the Term

I feel like the freedom of experimental practices class, has allowed for me to follow certain ideas that I come up with as and when I have them and they feel right to pursue. Instead of pushing through ideas that may have run out, I have been free to move and 'go with the flow' of thought and life. Thus, I moved from wanting to do an animation, and then instead of forcing myself to do it, I realized that for the time being, I did not see those images as animations. I wanted to purse them more, to give them some clarity and content in my head, as they were drawn in such a sporadic and quick way. Thus I moved on to the stories, and quickly onto the films, which was an extremely enjoyable project for me, both as it was fairly light hearted, and I could experiment with found footage and editing. Because of the exhibition I did from my bedroom, I became interested in the notion of moving through worlds, which inspired me to look into physical manifestation of that, and therefore the moon, and I bean to en-corporate my work for experimental practices with my work for Editing 1. I can now see myself returning to an animation, having gained a clearer and deeper understanding of the content of my writing and the forms that they can take place in. The Old Trout Puppet Workshop has really inspired me to make an animation but this term I felt like I had started with a seed, and needed to spread it out, and can now start to pick at the branches of what is in that seed, which will I think will make my individuals works from now on more whole. I must now I feel experiment with form. Perhaps drawing or sculpture, to perhaps try and show what it was that I have been saying in less of an explicit way or Perhaps I can now make an abstract animation, one that is more implicit. especially when the content of what I usually say is very explicitly delivered, this term has helped me to realize that there is actually something implicit within it, and therefore I would like to consider how I can begin to show that in a different way. Either way this class has been highly beneficial because it has helped me clear my head and prepare for future works, instead of tackling a huge amount of things at any one time.

Videos from Youtube

I then started to source my media from Youtube instead of from photos, and turned them into short films. I then took part in an exhibition over Skype, into London, where I played these videos. I then started become interested with the breaking down of structures, and the movement out of the real and into the virtual. The films I was making were making the 'virtual' more 'real' and yet the act of displaying them on Youtube, or through Skype into an exhibiton was making them more 'virtual.'

These videos too can be found on my blog, or here is a link direct to my youtube page. [1]

This then got me interested, in the journey between the virtual and the real, he moving away from something into the other, the journey through the semi-permeable membrane.

I have been reading a lot about the moon, and took an interest in the idea that the moon is moving away from us [2]

I was particularly interested in John Steinbeck's discussion about the moon in his book 'THe Log from The Sea of Cortez' where he seems to imply that moon and instinct are interchangeable, thus the moving away of the moon is fairly symbolic of the disappearance of out 'inherent 'natural' instinct.

I used this idea to become the basis of my film for my Editing 1 class, I will try and upload some stills, but as it stands the file is too large. If it cannot be uploaded, I will put it on a DVD. I continued using found footage, that is available on the web, to continue the notion of re-appropriation and deconstruction. Butt with that I was thinking about that I have been looking at in my previous Youtube videos.

The file size is too large, yet i have uploaded some stills from the film on to my blog so that you can get the gist. [3]

Photos with stories

I then thought that the best thing for me to do, would be animation, especially with the look and feel of my drawings. However I have previously worked with animation before, I wanted to consider other forms that the work could take. I also thought the content of the images needs to be make the animations stronger. THus, I reached a bit of a lull, and considered using some found images that I had picked up on a recent trip to Seattle, and continue working with 'real' situations and building upon them and reworing them and placing them in the narrative of the 'everyday' whilst at the same time, they are removed.

The file size of the images are too big to embed here, therefore I have put them on my blog. They come before work that I did earlier on in the term, as It took me a while to get round to uploading them, as I was working form them within my sketchbook.


I started off this term doing some short cartoon like and roughly drawn images and captions, that were a mish mash of works that I previously roughly drawn in my sketchbooks. I began timing myself to draw some cartoon, its quite a good way of passing time on the move

These cartoons are observational, often rather dry and focus upon the mundane idiosyncrasies that one can so easily fall into during every day life. The ones I am most happy with are those that seem to have the least going for them, the most straightforward ones.

YouaidItWouldBE.jpeg Tumblr lxvw6sGnIw1r89u96o2 250.jpg

I recently discovered the poet Tim Key whose works and ideas I wanted to try and draw some help from when I was considering how I would next develop the project. What strikes me about his work is that he too observes absurdly regular occurrences and recites them in his poems in a way that combines a certain observational skill, yet they do not appear at all offensive I have found that to be the hardest thing to try and achieve this semester- the sense of making a social observation, whilst trying to achieve as much of a lack of criticality or impose my own beliefs as much as is possible. [4]

Beasts and Super Beasts

I have been looking at Saki who has influenced m writing a great deal. He writes fantastical short tales, that are an exaggerated satire of Edwardian England. I would like to draw form him the playful aspect of his writing, but try not to also be too satirical as I am not intending to ridicule, simply to reappropriate.


"Do you think Ruth will like blue or grey paper?” she asked Cyprian. “Grey” said Cyprian, who had never met the lady in question. “Have you any mauve notepaper of this quality?” Adela asked the assistant. “We haven’t any mauve,” said the assistant “but we’ve two shades of green and a darker shade of grey” Mrs Chemping inspected the greens and the darker grey and chose the blue." from ‘The Dreamer’, from ‘Beasts and Super Beasts’ by Saki. Penguin Books, 1914

FIrst Things First : What is Experimentation

For me, experimentation comes under many different guises and examples. it shows through many dimensions , determination, self critique, awareness of ones actions yet a disregard at the same time. All these things, encompass a major part of creativity. It happens everyday, and is temporary. It exists for a moment within space and time and then soon, the work becomes older and a part of history, but it is and always be experimental. `That way it is timeless. Something can be experimental, within the remits o your experimentation, not experiments that have gone on over time. In other words it is totally subjective. It is possible to asseume that artist like Damian Hirst Duchamp are experimental, but in the same way that most 'succesful' art has to be. Jez Butterworth is an experimental playwright, in that he never sticks to a particular strategised idea. He follows what excites him, thus being experimental throughout his entire creative process. Jan Svankmajer is an experimental film maker, not only is he experimenting with his technique of film making, his concepts are often very varied, thus in that way he is being experimental. If experimentation is entirely subjective, then one as an artist must experiment within their own capability if there work is to progress outside of their own remit.

My work has currently revolved around making small books of quick and random drawings. I feel that I was already being quite experimental beforehand anyway in that i wasn't thinking too much about what it was that i was doing. I intend to use film to try and develop that further. I'm not entirely sure how just yet but perhaps with an animation, a story. I have reached a bit of a dilema in that by developing the experiment furthur perhaps I am not being 'exerimental'. Something I am going to think about....

(Comment Fiona Bowie) Hi Rose, have you experience with animation/video? what subjects, topics, concepts interest you? It would be helpful to have more detail. Also, not sure if you need workshops in order to do your work? let me know. thanks (end Comment.)

'Hello Fiona, I am sorry, I only just received this. I am interested in many topics/subjects but if I had to say what drives most of my work is human experience. I am not sure if that wittles anything down, but I am fundamentally driven by our reactions and responses to existence. This manifests itself in many different ways and in many different mediums in my work, and what happens is I have to find something that is like a draw, that I can then focus on entirely. In my case, at the moment, I have been doing far too much theory, and reading and writing and I really feel like now I need to experiment with making and the animation idea became less appealing because I think it relies now on me doing more reading and planning. THerefore I am going to start with making sculptures, like my drawings, and start MAKING, or perhaps painting I just need to start doing. I am interested in the internet in a sort of bizarrely nostalgic way and thus, I started putting my stories, which are effectively all stories to fight nostalgia in my own way with You Tube videos. Therefore I don't think I will need a workshop, as I am just going to start sculpturally and see where that leads me. I have animated objects before (never actual characters) and therefore have a very very basic understanding of how to animate. Thus a workshop may be needed. I wil discuss this with you in class, because I am actually thinking of moving away from animation.'Bold text

Yu Ying Hi Rose I really like your idea of the animation. How will you experiment your animation for the first time? What inspire you do animation instead of real image of people ?

Hi Yu Ying, THanks for saying you like the idea of the animation. I have always wanted to do an animation with people, as I have only ever animated objects, and that has been on the floor of my bedroom. I would like to try and do it properly. I think animation would work for my work as in stop motion, and puppets, one can portray scenes, in a way that is not possible with real people, as they may be deemed as boring or pointless. By making a scene through animation one is able to entirely filter the characters into a depiction that is exactly how the filmmaker intended. The thought, emotion, behavior and essence of the character becomes completely dependent on the filmmaker.

(Jenna - Hi Rose, I only had a chance to view your work briefly at the midterm presentations, I'm also interested in the idea of interweaving two pieces of found media to construct new meaning. If you haven't seen the exhibit Beat Nation at the VAG i suggest taking a look at some of the video art, there are a few pieces which appropriate the use of racial content within media and dub it over a popular Hollywood blockbuster or vice versa. Always an interesting experiment even if the results are not immediately received. Looking forward to seeing more of your process) (END COMMENT - JENNA)

Hi Jenna, No I have not been able to go to the show at the VAG yet, but I think sounds excellent. I will check it out as soon as possible!