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For final project, I made the lines much sharper and thinner. I removed the busy background and replaced it with constant colour with animated hues. I placed 180 layers of hand, and they created beautiful and unintended depth and curves. I am quite happy with where I ended up, although this is nothing like I had in mind in the beginning.

[video link 2]

However since this IS experimental practice, I believe this work is successful in many ways.

I was able to bring what I learned during my time in Painting major where every brush strokes and material itself could be appreciated by themselves, where I could let the material and medium drive where I arrive at the end of process.

I always have something in mind where I want to go with film production. This one however I let what I have loose and let them create the work for me. It was a very fun and exciting experiment for me.

For 2nd meeting, I thought about cooking and how we make a lot of lines and layers in order to create the food we consume. What I usually cook is rice and chicken drumstick, and for that I cut a lot of onions. That lead me to have a lot of lines and layers for my experimental practice. I shot myself washing rice and my hands preparing for cooking. I wanted to have rice washing video as background and my hands as foreground so it could reveal the background as the film proceeds.

[video link]

I was quiet happy with the beautiful lines that I was able to achieve with my hands; however, after discussion with Fiona and my group mates, we decided that the background video is a bit distracting. For the final project, I decided to leave it as white or colored background without any images.

For my project, I am thinking of doing a green screen. I would shoot an actor (possibly myself) and put them in stereo 3D environment. Since I will be shooting with normal 2D camera, the actor will be flat no matter where I put it in 3D environment. Juxtaposing 2D element with 3D environment would create an interesting effect.

So far this is what I have in my mind, but I'd like to experiment more with the relationship of having 2D and 3D image in same screen and see how they compliment each other.

I have made some tests to see how anaglyph 3D works but I can't figure out how to upload pictures directly from my computer. I wasn't able to shoot an actor on green screen yet but I will try do shoot and make a test composite in near future.

1. what's your individual perspective on experimentation? (eg. working against being deliberate? working toward spontaneity/improvisation or working outside or your area of expertise/ comfort?)

For me experimentation is to have fun with what I have. When I was a child, I used to experiment many times with many different things, not knowing the outcome for pure joy of doing something stupid and unknown. These days when I work I usually know what I want to do and invest and spend my time and energy in order to achieve my goal. If I were to create an experimental work, I would it take it as a way of having fun with something mysterious and unknown, or work with something familiar to create something random and I did not plan.

2. experimental practice (is this term an oxymoron?)

I think it is oxymoron because experimental means doing something new and undone before. Practice is when we keep doing something to be good at. It does not mean it is unprofessional or just a joke since we say people practice law or something serious as well and it takes a lot of hard work and determination when we want to become good at something.

3. What is the significance of experimental work at this particular point in time (considering our global general social/ political/ environmental milieu: social interactions, art practices, art business, politics, social movements, social networking etc.)

4. when experimental process(es) become canons:
a. using UBU.com as a resource, research and identify an experimental work that interests you (tell us why). Include a link to this work in your paragraph.
b. using UBU.com, find one example of an experimental artwork (can be sound, film, performance, sculpture, or any other medium/media) that was so influential that it is now part of a canon/tradition/technique. I want to use green screen for the project and this is a good example. http://ubu.com/film/fletcher_forbidden.html

(Comment Fiona Bowie): Taeyoung, the purpose of question two is for you to consider this question and discuss your thoughts or insights on it. Please expand on all of your questions. (end comment).