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Assignment 6

These links are some videos of my process and movie/music that inspire me








Assigment 5

For my final project, I am using my cell phone to shoot the image . In the beginning , it did not work well now I solve the probelm. For my editing I will be using Final cut pro to do it. The film is about 4 and half min long. I think three more days I will finish editing it

Assigment 4


This is a short video I made in youtube , I want to see what my expression was when I was doing the called . My final one will change and later I will record others people voice

5.jpg4.jpg YU1.jpgYU2.jpgYU3.jpg

Assigment 3

Right now I am still experiement with my facial expression and see I should do it for my final project. I am still thinking about what colour I should use for background and how I should edit my final project. When I practice my facial expression I find it very challenge since I usually do not show my facial expression in work . However, I find it funny when I see myself in the images and the mirror. Moreover, next week I will try to record people voices when I talk with them. The survey will be asking them government issues issues they havein vancouver and see how many people are really to listen to my questions.

Assigment2 1. For my project, I wish to work with an unconventional storytelling about a Market Search interviewer who needs to deal with stranger in the phone. How she face the her problems and how she needs to convince people to do the survey. 2. I never explored sound very often . These time I want to record people conversion and create a short conversion about people interact with each other.

3. Yes since I never have this opportunity do video or film back in my childhood . Now I have the skill I will like to explore my imagery and document will people who I know or do not

4. Yes. Because, once people are out of their comfort zone, they will think creatively and new ideas will appear in the mind of person. Thus, people will continue on experiment new things.

5. Doing interview and made a short drama film.

(Comment Da Eun Jeong) Yun Ying, First of all I have to say your pictures are so cute and adorable! I am not sure which one you have chosen among your ideas, but 'experimenting with facial movement' seems to be a great idea. I think you can go a lot about with this notion of movement, muscles, and so on. Just curious how you are going to go about with this: making a short video? Which medium are you planning to use? I think video seems to be the most right choice! Anyways, up to you, and wish you all the best in you project, and look forward to see more progress!! (end comment)

Cindy Auyeung I think your idea is wonderful and there are many situations and stories you can come up with your idea. Will you be using sound and video for the first time? In what ways would you make your story-telling method different from a regular drama film? Is it in the way you show the narrative sequence or is it in the technical process of learning to use this film and sound medium? " Yu Ying" For my first time I will practice taking picture and see how I express myself during the call.

Assigment 1

1.What's your individual perspective on experimentation? I think experimentation is a method to learn new skill and we do not need to follow rules in order to make a film or video. Experimentation is also a structure to explore and challenge our creativities and ideologies.

2. Experimental practice (is this term an oxymoron?)
In the dictionary I find that oxymoron is formed that two words that don't normally go together are conjoined, creating a compressed paradox. In experimental practice I think is to make humor and irony picture which the viewer do not expect it will happen.

3. What is the significance of experimental work at this particular point in time (considering our global general social/ political/ environmental milieu: social interactions, art practices, art business, politics, social movements, social networking etc.) The significance of experimental work is that allowing ourselves to express our feeling and idea in front of the media. 4. When experimental process (es) become canons: a. http://www.ubu.com/film/relational.html . When I was watching this video, I got inspired by philippe parreno’s artwork video “Anywhere out of the world” .Since he bought the animated character that was abandoned or won’t exist anymore. He has given the animation character the freedom to speak or act by people who never expect this will happen. b. http://www.ubu.com/film/relational.html. When I was watching this video, I got inspired by light corner Carsten holler work since I think his work is very technique and creatively. I would like to explore with light and color if I do the individual project.


Eugene Chong: Yu Ying, here's the movie i was talking about. It's a psychological thriller titled "Phone Booth" and it was released in 2002. ---> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0183649/ " Yu Ying" Hi Eugene thanks for the link

Cindy Auyeung Hi Yu Ying, I definitely agree with you that experimentation is a great platform to learn new skills. However, I would beware of dis-regarding all rules of film and video, as there are very conventional ways of showing things visually on the screen. For example, when you make any film or video, the very first thing that happens when you show something is the place and time of that story, and you can definitely find creative ways to show place and time that can be experimental, but you can also really confuse the audience if you break (for example the 180 degree rule) the viewing axis for the camera and so forth. So experimentation can come in multiple levels, even if on the technical side it follows traditional rules, your story and concepts can be experimental. " Yu Ying" Thanks for the ideas