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return to Software Tutorials Autodesk Maya on Wikipedia Maya is used widely in the film and gaming industries.

Instructors Studios in Vancouver using Maya

Vancouver studios using Maya:
Digital Domain
Bardel Entertainment
Capcom Vancouver
Electronic Arts Vancouver
Rainmaker Entertainment
Method Studios
Archiact Interactive


Basics - 2015 absolute basics - maya learning channel

Modelling - fundamentals - archway


- part 1 of maya learning channel series on rigging
BZP pro smart skinner
Advanced Animation Rig (free)


Triple Null Rig

MEL Scripting

Example Scripts

Animation Handle Creator
A script for creating three null animation handle.

Particles - intro to particles maya 2015

Lighting and Rendering

Mental Ray

VRay Materials
VRay Help Doc - basic lighting - image based lighting - cinematic lighting (ambient occlusion)

Advanced Techniques!/url=./files/landing_page.htm - ncloth, nparticles, muscle (text with included assets)

Useful Plug-ins and Add-ons

Maya Bonus Tools Expand Maya functionality with tools like: randomize transform, duplicate object over mesh. Full description of features in link.
iDeform A set of 3 essential tools. iDisplace, iCollide and iSkinDeform
BZP pro smart skinner
Advanced Animation Rig (free)